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The Magic of Animation

Animators help bring ideas,characters,stories and countless expressions truly alive.Here are the 3 steps involved in the process of animation :

Pre - Production

This is the stage where a story is given a visual form.It involves defining a character's designs as per a description termed 'Character Design'.Storyboarding is the next step where the story is detailed out,frame by frame.Post storyboarding,the individual panels are edited together along with dialogue,music and sound effects to see the entire flow as a movie.This process is called animatics.Pre-production is the most integral part of this 3-step process,where the film is conceived and designed,without which it cannot move ahead for further production.


This stage opens with modeling that involves creating Computer Generated (CG) backgrounds,characters, and props for the characters designed in pre-production.The 3D model is then sent for texturing which involves giving the characters a touch of authenticity by creating age-specific elements,accessories and background.This is sometimes created from scratch or made by editing an existing image.Post the finalization of texturing,the work proceeds to rigging which involves adding of bone structures connected to customised controls which become the center of the entire process of animation.It is then that the produced piece of art is given lighting in order to achieve a life-like look and feel.Finally,each of the shots are rendered to create the final output.

Post - Production

The final stage in creating an animation movie comprises of the process of compositing.This means bringing together all the rendered elements of an animated shot and compiling it together to form a single image sequence and adding post processing effects to it,to enhance its overall look and feel.Following this, sound effects are added to give the rendered film a much needed depth.Background music,soundtracks and voice-over are then added to give life to the entire film.Once these processes are complete,the shots are compiled and edited to ensure everyting is in seamless sync.


For those who consider 3D Animation their true calling, AD3D Edge is the answer. It comprehensively covers the preproduction, production and post-production stages of animation film-making. Emphasis is given to important aspects such as storyboarding, concepts of film-making, stop-motion, 3D Design and Modeling and separate modules for complex animations for cloth, hair and fluid, complete character development, tracking and editing.

AD3D Edge has been created in a time-efficient 24 month period, integrating all required aspects of 3D Animation, to transform you from a newbie to a full-fledged 3D Artist, faster.

Duration: 576 hours



Who hasn't grown up fascinated about animation series? So much so that they started dreaming of creating their own characters and series in their minds! Well here's your chance to bring those dreams to reality with MAAC's perfectly curated flagship course,the AD3D EDGE PLUS.A course that transforms an enthusiastic aspirant into a 3D artist.With various filmmaking techniques that are tied into the detailed process of animation,students become eligible to join as experts in leading studios.

Digitisation has already stormed the country and advanced trainings have set its roots in the filed of education.As the animation industry is naturally dynamic and the technology used to deliver projects is fluid, it is MAAC's core endeavour to ensure we offers its students sound knowledge about the latest tools and technologies from industry experts.This is precisely why MAAC has recently launched a set of new softwares in its curriculums which will be delivered to students,thus giving them an opportunity to widen their scope of learning and understand new-age prodcution workflow.

MAAC facilitates and encourages skill enhancement and learning and has a standard delivery mechanism,which ensures an excellent learning system.

Duration: 600 hours

Pre-production Storyboarding Cinematography
Stop Motion Digital Design Character Animation
Character Setup & Skinning 3D Design & Modelling Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX
Video Editing Digital Sculpting Sound Editing
Look Development Lighting & Rendering
PhotoshopTM After EffectsTM PremiereTM
Audition TM 3dsmaxTM MayaTM
MudboxTM FusionTM MotionBuilderTM
ArnoldTM New-Age Softwares

Modeling & Texturing : Course Content

Art & Technical Aesthetics Inorganic Modelling Stylised Character
Realistic Character Low Poly Character for Games Digital Sculpting

Software covered : MayaTM , ZbrushTM

Lighting : Course Content

Fundamentals of Lightning,Design and Colour Theory CG Lighting & Use of Shader Lighting Environments
Mental Ray Shaders Production Tips N Tricks

Software covered : MayaTM

Animation : Course Content

Animation Foundation Character Animation & Body Dynamics Basic Performance Animation
Advanced Performance Animation

Software covered : MayaTM

Modeling Artist Lighting Artist Texture Artist
Render Artist Character Animator Layout Artist
Digital Sculpting Artist Rigging Artist Video Editor
Motion Graphics Artist FX Artist Game Artist
3D Generalist



Learn to bring your imagination alive by enrolling in an advanced program in 3D animation that concentrates on storyboarding.3D filmmaking,character animation and much more.

Duration: 432 hours

Pre-production Storyboarding Aesthetics of Film-Making
Character Animation 3D Character Development Rigging & Character Set-up
Digital Painting Matte Painting BG Modeling and Surfacing
Texturing & Look Development Lighting & Rendering Particle Dynamics
Adobe Photoshop Autodesk 3dsmax Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
3D Modeling Artist Texturing Artist Lighting Artist
Render Artist Character Animator Layout Artist
Rigging Artist 3D Generalistt



Learn all about animation and the process of 'live action filmmaking' in just a year be rewarded with an extremely successful career.

Duration: 288 hours

Pre-production Storyboarding Cinematography
Stop Motion Digital Design Character Animation
Compositing Sound Editing Character Setup & Skinning
Lighting & Rendering Concepts of Film Making Modeling & Texturing
Concepts of Non-Linear Editing Particle & Dynamics
Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition Autodesk 3dsmax
Design Visualization Artist Animator Lighting Artist
Render Artist Digital Designer Modeling Artist
Rigging Artist Motion Graphics Artist