MAAC | Filmmaking

About Digital FilmMaking

Digital filmmaking is the process of capturing motion pictures as digital video images, as opposed to the historical use of film stock. Digital capture may occur on video tape, hard disks, flash memory, or other media which can record digital data through the use of a digital movie video camera or other digital video camera. As digital technology has improved in recent years, this practice has become dominant. Since the mid 2010s most of the movies across the world are captured as well as distributed digitally.


Designed to give students an entry into the entertainment and media industry, DFM provides insight into every aspect of film-making from pre-production to post production along with industry-standard tools to help aspiring filmmakers tell their stories.

Duration: 156 hours

Pre-Production Concepts of Film-Making Clay Animation
Digital Design Basics of Compositing Sound Editing
Concepts of Non-Linear Editing
Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere
Adobe Audition