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Short Term Courses

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Compositing & Editing - PRO

A customised course, designed to give students and insight into the post-production process. Covers techniques such as compositing, match moving, matte painting and editing.

Duration: 156 hours


Extensively used in many contemporary movies, this course is designed to run our students through the entire process of high-end VFX compositing and the stereoscopic pipeline with Nuke, Mocha and Silhouette.

Duration: 72 hours

Live-action Compositing Stereoscopic Pipeline Rotoscopy
3D Camera Projection 3D Camera Tracking Planar Tracking
Nuke Mocha Silhouette


For those who consider 3D Animation their true calling, AD3D Edge is the answer. It comprehensively covers the preproduction, production and post-production stages of animation film-making. Emphasis is given to important aspects such as storyboarding, concepts of film-making, stop-motion, 3D Design and Modeling and separate modules for complex animations for cloth, hair and fluid, complete character development, tracking and editing.

Duration: 48 hours

3D Sculpting Character Design 3D Illustrations
3Form Development Pipeline Integration
Autodesk 3ds Max / Maya Autodesk Mudbox ZBrush


Customised courses for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya - the most commonly used 3D software, this program covers training on Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Particle Dynamics and Animation, i.e. basic to advanced levels of Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

Introduction to 3D World 3D Design and Modeling Look Development
Lighting and Dynamics Character Setup and Skinning Character Skinning

Duration: 144 hours

3D Design and Modeling Digital Sculpting Texturing
Look Development and Rendering CG Lighting Particles and Dynamics
Hair, Fur and Cloth Character Setup and Skinning Character Animation

Software : Autodesk Maya & Autodesk Mudbox

Duration: 192 hours


Being able to visualize is the most important asset one can have while being part of the architectural desing process. From exploring from to validating efficiency, from planning to execution to marketing a build, DESIGN VIZ PRO will take you through the entire gamut of design visualization with the best toolsets in the industry, essential to make a mark for yourself.

Duration: 168 hours

Photoshop for Texturing Overview of Architecture 3D Design Visualization
Real-World Lighting Simulation Video Editing BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Introduction to Revit Interactive Walkthrough using Unity
Adobe Photoshop Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk 3ds Max Design
Mental Ray V-Ray Autodesk Revit


The SPECIALIZATION SERIES designed by MAAC teach students contemporary industry toolsets as well as learn latest techniques in visualization and execution. the student can choose from 3 varied and intensive courses, all focused at sharpening their value as an asset in the Animation and VFX industry.

Duration: 72 hours

Course Content

Art and Technical Aesthetics Inorganic Modeling Stylized Character
Low Poly Character for games Digital Sculpting with Zbrushâ„¢ Realistic Character

Software Covered : Autodesk Maya & Pixologic Zbrush

Course Content

Fundamental of Lighting Design & Color Theory CG Lighting & Use of Shaders Lighting Environments and Architecture
Mental Ray Shaders Production Tips & Tricks

Software Covered : Autodesk Maya & Mental Ray

Course Content

Animation Foundation Character Animation & Body Dynamics Basic Performance Animation
Advanced Performance Animation

Software Covered : Autodesk Maya