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Maria Panneer Rajan [ Compositor, Prime Focus World (Mumbai) ]

MAAC Annanagar is a very special place to me, it's here, I got clarity and direction for my dreams. Right from day one, I always felt at home here, this is a perfect place for artists to grow and become Awesome! The mentors here are highly qualified and at the same time very friendly and down to earth. All the lively compositing classes I took from Mr.Anandh Ramesh are still very vivid in my mind and are very relevant and useful to me every day in my work. Mr.Jeyamurugan's 3ds Max classes and Mr.R.K Karthikeyan's matchmoving, rigging and Maya classes laid a very strong foundation for me in VFX. MAAC Annanagar is frequently visited by Giants from our International VFX industry. During my VFX and compositing course here, MAAC Annanagar gave me the opportunity to meet and interact face to face with artists from PIXAR, ILM, Prana, just to name a few. MAAC Annanagar has an amazing Library of VFX books, its here that I actually got into the habit of reading. All the tools you need to express yourself creatively are available all around you, right from drawing, painting, clay modeling to VFX software, stereo cameras, etc. Under the guidance of the mentors here, I was able to create over 120 VFX videos during my stay at MAAC Annanagar. I also got amazing career guidance here, right from how to write a cover letter, how to prepare a show reel, how to talk with the various studio recruiters... everything was taught with the utmost care. During the last month of my course itself I got a call from Prime Focus World, Mumbai, to get placed as a Compositor!

Thanks MAAC Annanagar!

Sathish Kumar [ CEO, Taninty Game Studios ]

MAAC Annanagar is a place where my game design career evolved. The teachers not only taught the course but helped me know the real working of industry standards. The teachers are highly qualified and specialized in their own skills which helped us learn effectively. They helped to motivate my career in different aspects. MAAC Annanagar conducted many different events for us. The environment there helps to brighten the people. MAAC Annanagar not only provides career placement but they helped entrepreneurs like me. Right now I have my own Indie game development studio called Taninty in Chennai. MAAC Annanagar teachers and students made many contributions to our studio for my company development. "MAAC Annanagar is a place to learn and tune up your skills"

Naveen Sabesan [ MFA Animation, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta ]

I joined the AD3D EDGE program at MAAC Annanagar in 2011 to begin my career in animation. From the wilderness of my bachelor's in computer engineering I was more focused on my career path once I set foot here. The classes right from the beginning have helped me build a strong foundation that has helped me in my masters program that I am currently pursuing. My professors were always available to give me individual attention and valuable feedback that has helped me strengthen my skills and craft my workmanship. I've had a wonderful and memorable time here as a student and I owe it to MAAC Annanagar for getting me where I am today.

Divya George [ Illustrator & Character Designer ]

MAAC encouraged me to create art for animation. Studying at MAAC helped me realize my passion for concept art and character designing, and helped me develop these skills. The facilities, the instructors and the movie-making projects we got to work on all helped me gain valuable experience for my career

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