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About Visual Effects

Flying superheroes, cars and those never before seen monsters that excite us on the screen, are all results of VFX. This industry is especially on the rise as it is entering new areas in media and entertainment and generating a steady demand for professionals. MAAC has aligned all its VFX courses as per the industry standards. Choose among ADVFX, VFX Plus and S3D, and start your VFX career today!


So you’re a VFX fan? Let us simplify; you're fascinated by the effects of smoke, fire and explosions or maybe you just love films and want a career as a VFX artist? If you have a desire to see your name up in lights, when the credits roll, on the most critically acclaimed film of the year – Then we have the right course for you. AD VFX is a career course which is designed keeping in mind all the fundamentals and advanced skills required to be a successful VFX artist. This course covers topics from basics to advanced level which will help the student to enhance his skills as per the industry scenario and emerge as a VFX professional ready to join the booming VFX Industry.

Duration: 576 hours


This professional course from empowers you with creative inspiration as well as technical know-how, so you can give shape to your imagination. It is a dedicated program on Visual Effects that takes you through an in-depth study and usage of the industry's leading high-end visual effects solutions. It can be your gateway to the booming domestic and international VFX industry

Duration: 408 hours

Digital Design Basics of Photography Layer Based Compositing
Clean Plate & Wire Removal Stereoscopic Pipeline Node Based Compositing
Projection for Visual Effects 3D Design with Autodesk 3ds Max™ Advanced Particle Effects/Cloth FX
Pyrotechnics Advanced Compositing Concepts of Set Extension and CG Integration
Match Moving & Camera Tracking VFX Case Studies
Adobe Photoshop Adobe AfterEffects Mocha
Fusion Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Mudbox
Fume FX Real Flow PF Track
Compositor Match Moving Artist FX Artist
Pre-Viz Artist Motion Graphics Artist Roto Artist
Clean-up Artist BG Prep Artist


Touted as the next big thing in entertainment, stereoscopy (commonly known as 3D imaging) is widely being used in the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood projects. S3D is a tailor-made 100 day industry-oriented program on stereoscopic film-making, which takes the student through the complete process of production, involving an in-depth learning of various processes of rotoscopy, depth creation, clean plate generation and several other aspects of the stereoscopic conversion process. A fantastic way for freshers and graduates, to ge industry-ready with the intensive 100 day, S3D course.

Duration: 144 hours

Digital Enhancement Basics of Compositing Concepts of Stereoscopy
Depth Creation for 2D/3D Conversion Clean Plate Creation Advanced Node-Based Compositing
Rotoscopy Planar Tracking Match Moving
Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Nuke
Mocha Silhouette PF Track
Rotoscopy Artist Clean Paint Artist Depth Artist
Stereo Compositor Match Moving Artist