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IPVAD - International Program in Visual Arts and Design

International Program in Visual Arts and Design (IPVAD) is a comprehensive advanced career course designed to give students a complete understanding of the global media & entertainment industry. The course takes you through all the facets of computer graphics & creative skills required to excel in the field of Animation, VFX & Digital Design. IPVAD is an ideal course for becoming a job-ready professional for all available job opportunities in the industry.IPVAD also provides access to value added content such as self directed online training videos on Onlinevarsity.

Duration: 36 months

Visual art & aesthetics, and digital design

Creative learning Photography CorelDRAW™
Adobe InDesign™ JavaScript HTML Adobe Dreamweaver™
Adobe Flash™

APDMD - Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design (APDMD) provides a comprehensive, 360 degree learning opportunity for extensive job-oriented training in responsive web design, 2D animation & print.
APDMD is a career course that helps you become a job-ready professional who can give a rich experience to web users. In this course you will be introduced to the latest trends in the web & publishing industry like digital publication, augmented reality, mobile apps & interactive web content.

Duration: 16 months

Print & graphic design

Fundamentals of drawing Concepts of design & illustration CorelDRAW™
Adobe Illustrator™ Adobe Photoshop™ Adobe InDesign™

Web design

Designing for websites JavaScript HTML Adobe Dreamweaver
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Adobe Flash™ SWiSH™
Flash scripting Adobe Premiere™ Adobe Audition™

Responsive web design & mobile app creation

Cascading Style Sheets Embedding JavaScript APIs & jQuery plugins HTML5
Adobe Reflow™ Adobe Edge Animate™ Adobe Muse™
Adobe Digital Publication Suite™ Augmented reality Introductions to PHP & MySQL

2D animation

Fundamentals & concepts of 2D StoryBoard Pro™ Animation in Flash
Animation in Toon Boom Harmony™